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New York Yankees News: A Record, an Injury, a First Start, and a Gorgeous New Swing

The Yankees rallied late tonight, but too late against the Rangers on Jackie Robinson Day. They remain in first place in the AL East as Tampa beat Minnesota, the Orioles fell to the Indians, and the Blue Jays beat the Red Sox (who are tied with the Astros for the most losses in baseball).

Ivan Nova was no good, and he was no conciliation to the Yankees on the day they put an All-Star starter on the DL. There were early rumors that Phil Hughes was headed to AAA, but by the end of the day he was on the DL, even though the Yankees haven't identified an injury or sent Hughes for any tests.

They'll try to even the series today behind Freddy Garcia's first start of the season. Having just tied the AL record for GIDP, what disappointing record could the Yankees approach this afternoon? Most baserunners without scoring a run? Fewest pitches seen in a game?

At least Curtis Granderson is mashing lefties.

Your game preview will be up at 11.