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Pinstripe Alley Comunity Vote: Orgainzation's Top Prospects

As a community, we have our similarities, our differences, and our varying opinions. With that in mind, I am sure you will enjoy the task I am asking of you today. After a little conversation, we have decided to go ahead with a Pinstripe Alley community vote of the top prospects in the Yankees' system. 

Within the last few years, following Yankee prospects has become a hobby of mine. I like knowing what is going on down on the farm, and it makes me very happy to know that this system has loads of talent. I am very excited to find out what will happen with these kids.

If you are not familiar with prospect rankings, here a few reputable lists:

SB Nation's own John Sickel's rankings.

Baseball America's rankings. This also shows a breakdown of the best "tools" in the system.

Frankie Piliere also answered questions for Pinstripe Alley about Yankee prospects herehere, and here.

Remember that there are plenty of other sources to choose from. A quick search on Google should produce plenty of results to help you make your decisions.

Rules and guidelines after the jump.

The Rules:

1. In your opinion, after reviewing some of the scouting reports on players and taking in some information, name the organization's top 20 prospects.

2. Points will be given to a specific player depending on the placement you give him. For example, if Jesus Montero is your number 1 prospect, he receives 1 point. The 20th prospect on your list receives 20 points. The lower the points, the higher the ranking.

3. I will then tally the results, and the top 15 will be taken. 

4. We will then do a profile for each player, starting at 15 and working our way down to number 1.

Have fun with this, and make informed decisions!