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New York Yankees News And Notes: Hughes vs. Vazquez/Wang

How soon is too soon to bring up the ghosts of Chien-Ming Wang and Javier Vazquez? One bad start? Two bad starts? 

Two it is:

So for now the Yankees plan is for T and T — Trust in (Phil) Hughes’ ability and Time to enable him to regain the arm potency to again miss bats... (which) sounds a lot like what Yankees officials were saying about Chien-Ming Wang after two starts in 2009 and Javier Vazquez after two starts last year.

Spectacular. So after two rough starts early in the season, the Phil Hughes Death Watch has begun. 
  • Lohud gives a nice rundown of why it's basically silly to put much credence in early-season numbers, regardless of how good (or bad, in this case) they are
  • Then again, RAB didn't get that memo.
  • It's never too soon for trade deadline rumors, and this one is spot-on.

Check back at 11:00 when I reveal the secret to Joe Girardi's bullpen management.