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New York Yankees News: History, Minors, And Martin

Hard to believe it, but 98 years ago on April 10th (yesterday) the New York baseball franchise ditched the name "Highlanders" for the name "Yankees."

If you like seeing Jesus Montero hit home runs, here is the video of his first minor league home run of the season.

The Yankee Analysts take a look at the Tampa Yankees.

ESPN's Ian O'Connor wrote an article about Russell Martin that did not glorify the Red Sox, or spew hatred on the Yankees. It was actually, dare I say it, well written.

Martin was given the catcher's job for one year, at a salary of $4 million. Baseball had become a joyless pursuit, and Martin decided he was done cheating himself and the sport. Joe Torre told him in the spring that New York is "a whole different ballgame. You'll be fine. Enjoy it."

So enjoy it Martin has.

"When I got hurt last year and had the game taken away from me," he said, "I realized it's not going to last forever, so I might as well have fun doing it."

At 28, coming off two disappointing seasons, Martin shed 15 pounds through grueling mixed martial arts training sessions in an attempt to return to his old All-Star form.

"I finally got my work ethic back and got serious," he said after Yankees 9, Red Sox 4, "and it's paying off now."

Thanks for the assist, Joe!

Questions of the Week: Will Russell Martin keep it up? If Martin has an all star caliber season, do you re-sign him, or let him walk and use Montero as the starter next season? Why does Barndon like asking so many questions? Which starter are you most worried about in the rotation, if any?

Come back later for a picture from Jscape and a Baseball Courtroom post from yours truly!