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Admiring Andruw Jones

My girlfriend is very understanding.

She puts up with nothing but baseball on tv for 6 months a year, with me spending hours of my day staring into my laptop, and she will even occasionally watch a Yankee game with me. She's learned the Yankees' names and positions, understands the hit and run, and (I think) shares my mystification over the sacrifice bunt.

I'm a lucky guy.

But every once in a while, she'll remind me that she is not steeped in baseball the way I am.

Like the other night, when the announcers were talking about Andruw Jones, and she asked, "Who's he?"

Answer: One of the most gifted centerfielders who ever lived.

Answer: A man who hit a home run at 19, then lost the ability to hit or to cover ground in center field at age 30, as though he had made some bizarre Faustian pact to exhaust all his talent in a single brilliant decade.

Answer: A part time player working on his fifth team in five years, now with the Yankees.

I think he makes the Hall of Fame on the Sandy Koufax- brief and brilliant platform.

The Yankees have a slew of former All Star reserves. Jones, Eric Chavez, Kevin Millwood, Mark Prior.

Which do you think will have the biggest impact on the Yankees before the All-Star break?