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Comments of the Game: Make 'em Green

We'd like to do Comments of the Game again this year, but we'll need a little help from you. When you see a comment that you like in a gamethread, please "recommend" it. Two recommendations cause a comment to turn green. 

If you're not familiar with how to do that, I'll explain. Under every comment lies a bar with several options. On the right side is "actions." Clicking this will reveal the ability to "rec." Click "rec" if you like the comment. Two "recs" and it turns green. You're allowed one per comment, but do it to as many comments as you want.

I'm sure you can imagine the impracticality of reading 1000+ comments to find the best one. This will allow us to scan the mass of comments in seconds instead of hours. It also empowers you to decide which are the best.

FYI, Brandon will be tracking the COG leaders.