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New York Yankee News: Fighting for a Spot

The camp battles have taken shape, and so far, it's everything I'd hoped for.

I love that the pitchers fighting for spots showed up to camp ready to play:

"That’s the way I have to pitch if I want to win a spot," [Garcia] said.

The four pitchers vying for those two rotation jobs have combined to allow one run and one walk — both by Bartolo Colon, in the Yankees’ first game — over 20 spring innings.

I think the Garcia quote is important for those of you who thought he overstepped last week when he claimed that he considered the spot his to lose, though I read that quote as "No one can beat me; only I can beat myself."

I hope that whichever of the four pitchers wind up in Scranton, they can keep the same focus they have now.  The Yankees are sure to need them sooner or later in the season.

Chad Jennings writes about how the "Draft Class of '07," led by Andrew Brackman, Austin Romine and Brandon Laird, has been slow to reach the majors, but now is looking ready to graduate multiple members to the big leagues.

You've got to feel for David Robertson - it's not often a pitcher strikes out the side to start an inning, but gives up two runs because of a passed ball.  My question is this: how is that not an error on the catcher? Shouldn't those runs be unearned?

I've been wondering if, now that Joe Torre has moved into the MLB executive suite, maybe Joe Torre Day is finally on the horizon.  Entirely my speculation.

Kim Ng, the Dodger's assistant GM widely considered to be the woman most likely to break the gender barrier at the top of the baseball hierarchy, is moving with Torre to the commissioner office.  And she's already said the words "International Draft."  Kim Ng, I think I love you.