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New York Yankees News Roundup: Gardner, Soriano and the cutter

Your 2011 leadoff hitter?
Your 2011 leadoff hitter?

Joe Girardi was leaning toward keeping Derek Jeter in the leadoff spot at the beginning of Spring Training. But now comes word that "there is a growing push" for Gutty, Gritty Brett Gardner to take over the spot. I don't know the details of this "growing push," but I hope it's true. Gardner has to bat near the top of the lineup; he gets on base (and runs and takes pitches) too much not to.

  • In case you've forgotten, Rafael Soriano is a member of the New York Yankees, and he'll prove it by making his spring debut either Wednesday or Thursday.
  • Joe Torre discussed his new role with MLB and possible changes he's looking to implement.
  • Check out an interesting little video detailing Mo Rivera's cutter.