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New York Yankees News: Winning

Alex Rodriguez, Rockstar from Mars.
Alex Rodriguez, Rockstar from Mars.

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So, apparently Alex Rodriguez has been winning, claiming victory on all fronts, and wielding fire breathing fists during Spring Training. He has shown up to camp lighter, faster, and seems to be unleashing line drives in a way that gives this blogger visions of his 9.2 WAR 2007 season.

A quick trip around the internet shows that I'm not the only one Bullish on the Centaur (also, he apparently has a famous girlfriend, for those of you whose internet use extends beyond baseball related inquiries):

While it's certainly encouraging for A-Rod to look so locked in at the plate, it's important not to get too high or too low during spring training. In the same way that I can shrug off CC Sabathia getting shelled by the Nationals, it makes sense to take A-Rod's mashing with a grain of salt.

In other news: