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New York Yankees News Recap: CC, Joba and Manny

CC Sabathia's never has a good second-game of Spring Training. Adding his line from today's gives him a total of 15 runs allowed in 6.2 innings over the last three years. As long as he gets it out of the way now.

Joba Chamberlain followed him and didn't fare much better, getting tagged for two runs in an inning of work.

On the bright side, the offense finally woke up (and scored eight runs): Brett Gardner had two extra-base hits while Jesus Montero and Jorge Vazquez each went 2-3. 

  • More praise is being heaped upon the shoulders of teenager Manny Banuelos. Russell Martin, who caught him in Friday's game, compared him to another young southpaw he caught: Clayton Kershaw -

He has as good stuff as I've seen. I compare it to Kershaw, or even more polished than Kershaw, which is pretty good.

An anonymous scout said he has the "most impressive arm" of anyone he's seen in Spring Training. (I have to assume he meant among non-major leaguers.) What I hope happens is this: he throws about 120 innings between Trenton and Scranton, and when he nears his innings cap, he's promoted to help the Yankee bullpen... and everytime he has a good outing, Joe Girardi and Brian Cashman must preface and follow every statement with, "He is a starter, he is a starter, he is a starter, he is a starter... he is a starter in case you missed it." We don't want Joba 2.0.

  • Phil Hughes makes his second start today. The regular infield is expected to start the game; we'll also see Martin, Jesus Montero, Andruw Jones and Eric Chavez making appearances.
  • Alex Rodriguez said this is the best he's felt in the last three years. In another interview, Hank Aaron criticized A-Rod's focus -

If his focus would be the same as Jeter, then I think that he can do some great -- he's already done some great things -- he can do some even greater things. I think sometimes it wavers. . . . It (doesn't) stay on the same level.

  • Jorge Posada is adapting to his role as a teacher for the 2011 crop of catchers.
  • A U.S. diplomat referred to the president of Iran as "the George Steinbrenner of Iran." Hank didn't like it.