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Francisco Cervelli Out For Two Months -- Time For Montero?

If you haven't already heard the bad news, Francisco Cervelli is out for approximately the next two months. That bruised left foot the New York Yankees backup catcher suffered the other day turns out to be a broken left foot. Cervelli will be in a cast for at least four weeks and will be unable to play for several weeks after that.

So, what now Yankees fans? Let Jesus Montero and Austin Romine fight it out for the backup catcher job? Slide Jorge Posada into the No. 2 job and let him catch a couple days per week? Let Montero and Romine start the season in the minors and see if one of the current non-roster catchers (there are three in camp) can win the job? Go out and acquire a veteran backup? Where is Chad Moeller when you need him, anyway?

It will be very tempting for the Yankees to bring Montero North with them when the season starts. Is that the best idea, though? Does he benefit from playing once or twice a week behind Martin and sitting the rest of the time? Same with Romine? I am just not sure that is in the best interests of either player, though I'm wondering if Romine is a beter candidate for that type of duty simply because he is not quite as highly-regarded and is generally considered better defensively.

If Montero is going to be in the big leagues shouldn't he be playing every day? Ideally, I would think so. Provided Martin is healthy and playing reasonably well I doubt that will happen, however.

What would you do?