Why Are You a Yankee Fan?

Opening Day is tomorrow and I know that I am far more excited than anyone I know here at school about baseball finally starting up again. Being a college age female in a state that is not New York (and a state without an MLB team at all) does not lend itself to having many fellow Yankee fan friends around to catch games with, which is one of the main things that led me to PSA. It also leads to a lot of questions from new friends and random strangers who see me wearing a Yankee t-shirt about how I became a Yankee fan. I'm used to telling my story, but I'd like to hear all of yours. How did you become a Yankee fan? Has your entire family always loved the Yankees, or did you break the trend of poor choices? Are you surrounded by Yankee loving friends, or are you somewhere where they are few and far between?

You didn't ask, but my story is as follows:

I've liked the Yankees as long as I can remember, and I owe that to my dad. He went to school in New York and ended up attending some Yankee games because the vast majority of his friends who grew up there had already been fans for years. When I was 3-4 years old, the Yankees Low A minor league team was about 20 minutes from where I grew up and my dad took me to see their games pretty often. At that time, some guy named Derek Jeter was playing for them and, according to my dad, I claimed him as my favorite player. You're shocked, I know. Once Jeter made the majors and as I got old enough to truly appreciate baseball, I started watching the real Yankee games with my dad, who was just excited that I cared about something he was also interested in. Having that in common was one of the things that has always kept my dad and I close, and it became a family tradition of sorts to try and go to at least one game together every summer. I'm a few months away from law school, and found myself applying to 2 schools in NYC, with a huge motivation being that I would be close enough to (hopefully) catch a few games.

What about you?

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