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2011 Predictions

Here are the predictions I would like from you.

Couple rules to help keep it easy for me to tally when the season ends

-Only comment your predictions. I know you may think a person is crazy for making a prediction, but it gets very difficult to tally when all the random comments are around. I will delete comments that aren't predictions.

-If you do not include the questions with the answers I will delete your comment and email you to redo it. I will send you your answers back in the email. Another thing that helps keep the tallying process shorter.

EX: If the question is "Who wins the AL East" do not just say "Yankees." Say "Who wins the AL East? Yankees"

Prediction questions are after the jump.

1. Who will win the AL East?

2. AL Central?

3. AL West?

4. NL East

5. NL Central

6. NL West

7. AL Wild Card

8. NL Wild Card

9. Who plays in the ALCS (first team)

10. Who plays in the ALCS (second team)

11. Who plays in the NLCS (first team)

12. Who plays in the NLCS (second team)

13. Who wins the World Series

14. Who loses the World Series

15. Who will win the AL MVP

16. NL MVP

17. AL Cy Young

18. NL Cy Young

19. AL Rookie of the Year

20. NL Rookie of the Year

21. AL Manager of the Year

22. NL Manager of the Year

23. First Manager Fired

24. Home Runs Andruw Jones

25. Home Runs Teixeira

26. Home Runs Jeter

27. Home Runs Martin

28. Home Runs Cano

29. Yankees Starting Outfield (Gardy Grandy Swish) combined home runs (feel free to specify how many each if you would like, won't help final point total)

30. Wins Burnett

31. Wins Hughes

32. Wins Nova

33. Games Started Garcia

34. Games Started Colon

35. Games Pitched in Chamberlain

36. Games Pitched in Soriano

37. Saves Rivera

38. Games Played Eric Chavez

39. Games played Jesus Montero (MLB)

40. Home Runs Jesus Montero (MLB)

41. Games Played Austin Romine (MLB)

42. Games Played Jorge Vazquez (MLB)

43. Combined MLB games pitched for Killer B's (Banuelos, Betances, Brackman) feel free to specify how many each if you would like, but it won't get you any extra points!

44. Player who is not in the Yankees organization as of today that will be as of August 1st (you can choose no one if that's what you think)

45. Losses A.J. Burnett

46. 2nd place in AL East

47. 3rd place in AL East

48. 4th place in AL East

49. 5th place in AL East

50. Which equals a greater total: Alex Rodriguez' home runs+A.J. Burnett wins or Adrian Gonzalez' home runs+Josh Beckett wins?

BONUS: (Worth one point, rest are worth two) World Series MVP

Hope you like the questions, I tried to make them somewhat random.