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Yankees Proposition Bets: 2011 Edition

We did these last year and they seemed to be a hit. The winner will get a Yankee-themed book (or two). Put your answers in the comments, which will close an hour before the first pitch of the season. Unless stated otherwise, choose whichever you believe will be higher.

Yankee batters

1. Home runs - Swisher or Cano

2. Jeter's 3000th hit will come on what count in the AB

3. Innings pitched - Burnett or Hughes

4. Steals - Gardner or everyone else combined

5. Games played - Cano or any other single player

6. Base-thieves gunned down - Martin or all other catchers combined

7. Doubles - Tex or Arod

8. RBI - Tex or Cano

9. Strikeouts - Gardner or Arod

10. More games behind the plate - Montero, Cervelli, Romine or Gustavo Molina

11. First to the DL - Joba Chamberlain or Jorge Posada (or neither)


12. Lower ERA - D-Rob or Soriano

13. Lower ERA - Nova or Burnett

14. Higher WAR (via BRef) at season's end - Colon or Garcia

15. Complete games - CC or everyone else combined

16. More assists - Gardner or Swisher

17. Will Andy Pettitte pitch for the 2011 Yankees?

Some MLB over/unders

18. Most homers by a batter - 46.5

19. Most steals by a player - 65.5

20. Total no-hitters thrown this year - 1.5