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New York Yankee News: Granderson, Chavez, Joe West and Barry Bonds

For me, the most important person in Yankee camp right now is Curtis Granderson. He'll play in a game at the minor league complex on Wednesday to make sure he's good to go for Opening Day on Thursday.

The loss of Granderson might not make or break Opening Day, but he transforms the Yankees' defense and gives the team a too-often-overlooked dynamic threat in the lineup.

I'm also excited to see how Eric Chavez changes the season for Alex Rodriguez. Arod has looked healthier this spring than any season since his MVP campaign in 2007, and having a backup 3B who can hit a little should allow Joe Girardi to sit Arod every once in a while or to sit Posada and give Arod the DH spot for a day.

Making fun of Joe West never gets old, does it?

Want a preview of what the Roger Clemens trial is going look like this summer?  The Barry Bonds trial gives you a pretty good preview: money, lies and ego. Like any tragedy, I want to look away, but I just can't.