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Travis' 2011 Predictions

World Series MVP
World Series MVP

AL East Winner - Boston (right now they have the better team on paper and the Yanks have injuries)
AL Central Winner - Minnesota (just can't be stopped in that division)
AL West Winner - Texas (despite losing Lee, acquired Beltre - best of a weak group)
NL East Winner - Philadelphia (rotation too stacked to be challenged in that division)
NL Central Winner - Pittsburgh (if you have to ask, you'll never know)
NL West Winner - San Francisco (like Philly, great pitching + weak opposition = division title)
AL Wild Card - Los Janquis (not the best, but maybe the deepest roster in years)
NL Wild Card - Atlanta (good pitching staff, good lineup)

ALCS - NYY over Minnesota
NLCS - Pitt over San Fran

World Series - Pirates over Yankees

World Series MVP - Jeff Karstens

AL/NL MVP's - A-rod, Pujols
AL/NL Cy Young's - Felix, Lincecum
AL/NL Rookies of Year - Desmond Jennings, Aroldis Chapman
AL/NL Managers of Year - Bucky, Jim Riggleman

Most wins/losses at end of regular season: San Fran, Seattle

AL Surprise Player - Fausto Carmona
NL Surprise Player - Matt Garza

AL Disappointment - Josh Hamilton
NL Disappointment - The entire Mets organization (or has that not happened already?)

Yankees Surprise Player - Brett Gardner
Yankees Disappointing Player - A.J. Burnett

Bold Prediction - A-rod comes full circle and remarries Cynthia