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News links: Feliciano, Romulo, Chavez and the Canseco twins

Update: (Barndon) Tonight's game has been canceled, which will hurt Curtis Granderson's chances of playing on opening day. Personally, I'd rather see him not rush to the lineup just for one game that is equally important to the rest.

Also, Max Ramirez (among others) has been placed on waivers. Personally, I see him as a big upgrade over Molina. Then again, I see Yogi Berra as an upgrade over Molina, even if he is 85 years old.

- It's official. Pedro Feliciano will start the season on the disabled list, the first time he's been there in his career. 

- Romulo Sanchez, the Scranton pitcher with the high 90s fastball, has been sold to a Japanese club (the reason he was scratched from yesterday's game).

- "Confirming the obvious," but Eric Chavez had made the major league roster.

- This is hilarious, but not totally surprising.

- The Top Five Things we learned about the Yankees this spring, courtesy of Ed Valentine.