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Poll Results

Here are the results from the polls you took.

1. Who would you choose for the 4th and 5th spots for the rotation? (If you put Mitre I did not tally the answer)

Ivan Nova: 32 votes

Bartolo Colon: 26 votes

Freddy Garcia: 8 votes

Joba Chamberlain: 1 vote

Manny Banuelos: 1 vote


3. Do you see the non Yankees, Red Sox teams being threat this season? (If you put even just one will be, or you put that they all will be, those all counted as yes. If you put none, that is no.)

Yes: 21 votes

No: 13 votes

4. Which Yankee will be the most disappointing this season?

Russell Martin: 9 votes

Jorge Posada: 4 votes

Derek Jeter: 4 votes

Brett Gardner: 3 votes

Andruw Jones: 3 votes

Rafael Soriano: 3 votes

Nick Swisher: 2 votes

Jesus Montero: 2 votes

Boone Logan: 2 votes

Ivan Nova: 1 vote

Mark Teixeira: 1 vote


5. Which Yankee will surprise us and play better than expected?

Ivan Nova: 9 votes

A.J. Burnett: 8 votes

Curtis Granderson: 8 votes

Russell Martin: 5 votes

Alex Rodriguez: 1 vote

Eduardo Nunez: 1 vote

Phil Hughes: 1 vote

Austin Romine: 1 vote

Derek Jeter: 1 vote

Freddy Garcia: 1 vote


6. Will Mark Prior play in an MLB game for the Yankees this season?

Yes: 25 votes

No: 8 votes


7. Will Jorge Vazquez play in an MLB game for the Yankees this season?

Yes: 19 votes

No: 14 votes


8. Will Austin Romine play in an MLB game for the Yankees this season?

Yes: 14 votes

No: 19 votes


9. Who should win the utility infield job? Ramiro Pena or Eduardo Nunez?

Ramiro Pena: 4 votes

Eduardo Nunez: 30 votes


The majority want me to streak on opening day, or every game, so be on the lookout (or shield your eyes).


Also, the predictions thread will come out on March 30th. Time is to be determined.