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Joe Girardi Picks New York Yankees Starting Rotation

*If there are other roster moves made today, they will be added to this post in updates*

Joe Girardi told reporters today that he has made his decision on the New York Yankees starting rotation. As already announced, CC Sabathia will be the first starter, A.J. Burnett will follow CC at the two spot, and Phil Hughes will be the third starter.

Today, Girardi informed Ivan Nova that he will be the Yankees fourth starter, and informed reporters that Freddy Garcia will be the fifth starter.

Bartolo Colon will make the team as a long reliever, like Alfredo Aceves' role with the 2009 Yankees.

Pedro Feliciano may start the season on the DL, and if he does Romulo Sanchez and Luis Ayala are the probable candidates to replace him. Mark Prior will probably not make the team out of Spring Training.

None of this news comes as much of a surprise, but still, what are your thoughts?