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Spring Training Game No. 28: Yankees vs. Astros

As long as Ivan Nova doesn't embarrass himself tonight, he should have a rotation spot locked down. He'll take on Nelson Figueroa and the Houston Astros at GMS.

- News has come down that Joe Girardi prefers Freddy Garcia as the fifth starter because Bartolo Colon "profiles" better in the bullpen. WTF - Colon has been miles better this spring. Why even have a competition if the numbers don't mean anything?

Of course, this comes from the same guy that might install Gustavo Molina (and his .077 ST BA and 23 games of ML experience) as the back-up catcher when two top prospects are available.

Anyway, tonight's lineup: Gardy, Jeets, Tex, Robbie, Swish (DH), Chavez, Andruw, Martin, Wardo.

Gametime is 7 p.m., unfortunately without TV coverage.