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Yankees 5, Blue Jays 3 - We're In Midseason Form

There was a lot to like in tonight's game. Phil Hughes pitched 7 innings of 3-run baseball against what was mostly the Blue Jays regular lineup and looked a lot like he did during the first half of 2010. And the Yankees offense managed to piece together 5 runs in the later innings despite only two extra base hits.

According to LoHud, tonight Joe Girardi used the lineup he's considering using against lefty starters this season, with Andruw Jones playing left field and batting 7th and Brett Gardner playing center and batting 9th. Of course, this could have more to do with Curtis Granderson being out of the lineup. It will be interesting to see if this turns into anything, though, as the Yankees feature a couple of hitters who had significant platoon splits last season. I'm not a fan of his bullpen "manage by numbers" approach, but something similar could work for the lineup.