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New York Yankees Demote Seven To Minors

The Yankees gave us a closer look at which players will make the opening day roster today, demoting seven players to minor league camp.

The Yankees demoted Melky Mesa, Brandon Laird, Kevin Russo, Greg Golson, Jorge Vazquez, Jordan Parraz, and Jose Gil. Laird, Russo, and Golson were sent to AAA, Mesa to AA, and  Vazquez, Parraz and Gil were demoted to "minors camp."

The demotion of Golson is good news for Justin Maxwell, as if the Yankees need a 5th outfielder, he will likely be the guy. With Granderson's injury, that is very possible.

The demotion of Vazquez is good news for Eric Chavez, (and Eduardo Nunez/Ramiro Pena, as jetanumba2 suggested) who's spot on the team is even more probable now. I'd be very surprised if Chavez doesn't make the team.

Expect more players to be demoted over the next week, as we are eight days away from opening day!