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New York Yankees News Roundup: Revisiting the Flip Play

Beyond the Box Score took a very interesting look at the famous Flip Play (or "infamous" if you're an Oakland fan) -


... Was it luck or grit or extreme undeniable talent? It's probably some part of all of those, but if you watch the video it appears that Jeter had properly moved to the pitcher's mound area, then saw the throw was off-line and instinctually moved in place. Yeah, all that was in the blink of an eye. Luck and talent were both involved.

Check out the video and relive that amazing moment.

  • Remember Damaso Marte? Well, he's still in the organization and hopes to be ready to pitch by July. He's recovering from left labrum surgery that he had in October. He hasn't pitched since July 7 of last year.
  • Lenny of lenNY's Yankees interviewed former Yankee hurler Jim Bouton (of Ball Four fame). This part was especially telling -

When you are outspoken against the Yankees, then you get on their shit-list and you don't get invited to stuff like [Old Timers' Day], so that's why I haven't been invited since then.

  • Have a gander at Curtis Granderson's iTunes playlist.