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Some links on an off-night: Mitre and Ollie

Today's 3 ip, 5 er outing was "not a setback" as far Sergio Mitre was concerned. Joe Girardi was asked whether he'd at least make the bullpen: "There's still decisions to be made." Not a good sign for Sergio.

  • I've never understood the world of fashion, and this just reinforces that fact. Tommy Hilfiger was asked by a certain four-letter network to redesign the Yankee uniform. Shield your eyes.
  • Whew. Brian Cashman said he has no interest in the recently-released Oliver Perez.
  • From LoHud -

Avoiding another AL East opponent, Rafael Soriano pitched in a minor league game this afternoon. He went 1.2 innings, allowing one hit and one run. The hit was a solo homer.