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New York Yankee News: Rotation, Arod, Vazquez, Tex

Some quick hits on a snowy day in the Northeast:

- The race for the rotation is a three man race, and there's really no predicting which way it will go at this point.

- Arod's spot in the lineup is more certain, and if he keeps hitting like this, Robinson Cano might not ever have anyone on base to drive in.

Jorge Vazquez is too old to be considered a prospect (29), but he's still being noticed.

[Vazquez is a] home run hitter powerful enough to play in the big leagues, but too limited defensively to become the Yankees’ backup infielder. So, despite his tantalizing talent at the plate and legendary minor league performances, Vazquez will have to wait for his shot in the majors.

- I hadn't really paid attention to it yet, but Mark Teixeira has had a strong spring so far.  It's got to carry into April for it to mean anything.