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New York Yankees News: Banuelos, Good

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After throwing 2 2/3 scoreless innings against the starting lineup for the Boston Red Sox, the ink has flown about uber-spect Manny Banuelos.  The Red Sox third basemen, Kevin Youkilis, a strikeout victim of a particularly filthy Banuelos 3-2 change-up, had the following to say about him after the game:

He’s got three pitches he can throw pretty good, now he has to learn how to pitch.  If he figures it out, he’ll be all right. Being left-handed and throwing hard, if you throw three good pitches and you’re left-handed, you don’t even have to throw 90.

It is natural with the question marks surrounding the rotation for their to be clamoring for Banuelos to contribute to the Yankees in 2011, but as talented as he is, Youkilis is correct in saying that he has a lot to learn.  For now, the best thing for the Yankees to do with Banuelos is to stash him in the minor leagues and let him build up his innings, refine his pitches, and reevaluate his major league readiness a year from now.


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