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New York Yankees News Roundup: Season Preview and an injury to Joba

Rob Neyer previewed the 2011 Yankee season -

What we can know -- or know, almost -- is that the Yankees will be a real good baseball team...

The question really isn't really about who's in the rotation three weeks from now; it's about who's in the rotation three months from now. And your guess is probably as good as anyone's.

  • We haven't really touched on it here, but Joba Chamberlain strained his oblique muscle and will miss at least a few days. The Yanks will be extra cautious with the injury.
  • Mark Carig of the Star-Ledger interviewed Brian Cashman -

I got some credit from [winning the 2009 World Series]. But... it is what it is. When you're associated with a team like the Yankees and the payroll that we have, it will take away from you at times. If you're looking for credit, this is not the place to look for credit. George Steinbrenner taught me that. I'm a graduate of Steinbrenner University.