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Yankees shut out by Pirates, 2-0

Not much happened on the offensive side of the ball today. Eric Chavez had two singles and Curtis Granderson tripled; other than that, the team combined for one hit and one walk. Jesus Montero went 0-3 with a GIDP, but did throw out two potential base-thieves. Jorge Vazquez went 0-1, making his first out of Spring Training.

The pitchers, obviously, did well. Phil Hughes threw two scoreless, hit-less innings. He wanted to work on his changeup but only threw three. Dave Robertson threw a scoreless, two-K, one walk inning. Steve Garrison (who I'd never heard of before today) hurled two shut-out frames. The rest of the pitchers:

Brian Anderson: 1 ip, 1 r, 2 h, 0 bb, 0 k

Andy Sisco: 0 ip, 1 r, 0 h, 1 bb, 0 k

Eric Wordekemper: 1 ip, 0 r, 1 h, 0 bb, 2 k

Ryan Pope: 1 ip, 0 r, 0 h, 0 bb, 1 k