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New York Yankees News and Notes - Another Twins Pitcher on the Block?

Well how about this:

Jim Bowden, ex-Reds GM, tweeted Monday that Bob Nightengale says that Liriano could be traded for Ivan Nova or Joba Chamberlain in the next two weeks.

It's About The Money gives us their feedback, but I can't say that I agree:

If (the Twins' front office) would really give (Liriano) away for Ivan Nova this season, (they have) either lost their minds, or there’s some other reason they’re so willing to get rid of Liriano. And that sends up some red flags with me

I tend to believe that it's the former - they've lost their minds - rather than the latter.  Look at how they handled Johan Santana during the 2007-08 offseason.  They had a good team that was poised to contend in a weak division, and rather than keep him for one last shot at the World Series, they traded him - because they "had to get something back" - for a lackluster group of prospects who looked awful from day one.  This was after they asked the Yankees for Phil Hughes and Robinson Cano, and the Red Sox for Jon Lester and Kevin Youkilis.

I think they realize that the sooner the trade him, the more they're likely to get in return, and since it was widely reported that theywere miles apart in the negotations for a contract extension - Liriano wanted 3 years/$36 million and the Twins balked - they might as well begin that process now.  If all they're doing is comparing this to the Johan Santana trade, they can rest assured that they'll get a better deal.