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New York Yankees Notes: Jeter Trying To 'Forget About' 2010

Here are a few New York Yankees notes for you on another snowy morning in upstate New York. Sitting here oit's hard to picture baseball players already working out in Florida.

Yankees captain Derek Jeter focused on this season, not past or future | News
Nearly a month into his workouts in Tampa, Fla., Yankees captain Derek Jeter is more interested in looking ahead to the 2011 season than back on the '10 campaign.

"I've always been pretty good in my career in terms of forgetting about previous seasons, whether it was a good season or a bad season," Jeter told The Associated Press on Monday. "You have to forget about it and move on."

Question for you, Yankee fans. What would be a good season at the plate for Jeter? Are you expecting a return to his .300+ hitting days? Is what he did last season what we should expect from the Captain going forward? Do you think he will bounce back and land somewhere in-between last season and his career numbers?

Aw-Phil 2nd half haunts Yankees' Hughes -
"The wins were there, but I fell off big time in the second half," Hughes said yesterday after throwing a bullpen session at the Yankees’ minor league complex.

"I was disappointed with that. It’s one thing to kind of have a slow start and have a good second half. You think about all that success in the offseason. When you have a bad second half, all I thought about was those bad games, because there weren’t very many good ones mixed in there."

Hughes is, obviously, critical to the Yankees success in 2011. Last season was his first full season as a big-league starter, so maybe a second-half drop-off was not entirely unexpected. This season, though, the Yankees really need Hughes to step up and become a true No. 2 behind CC Sabathia.

Former Yankee Scott Brosius has been named manager of the U.S. under-18 team.