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25 Chasing 28: The 2011 New York Yankees Roster & Andruw Jones

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Name: Andruw Rudolf Jones

DOB: April 23, 1977

Contract Status: 1 year - $2MM guaranteed, $0.15MM for reaching 250 and 275 PAs.  $0.2MM for reaching 300 and 325 PAs.  $0.25MM for reaching 350 and 375 PAs.

2010 Stats: 328 PA, .230/.341/.486, 123 wRC+, 19 HR, 1.8 WAR

2010 in Review: Jones appeared in 107 games for the Chicago White Sox in 2010.  Serving primarily as a DH and fourth outfielder (the same role that he will be called upon to play in New York), Jones provided power and patience off the bench, as well as an ability to play all of the outfield positions.

The Good: Andruw Jones gives the Yankees a reliable platoon option and bench flexibility at a very team friendly cost.  If there is an injury to any of the starters, he can be expected to be a serviceable stopgap. If he struggles, however, the Yankees will be unlikely to hesitate to replace him, given his low base salary.  As far as low risk, high reward signings go, Jones is a definite plus for the organization.

The Bad: It's 2011 and not 2005.

2011 Outlook: Jones will be expected to replace the production and fill the role of Marcus Thames.  Barring an injury, I expect him to be used mostly against left handed pitching, similarly to how Joe Girardi used Thames last year.  The main advantage that Jones provides over Thames is in his defensive capabilities, not to say that Marcus bein' Marcus didn't have his moments.