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New York Yankees News: A Return to Normalcy

Mood Music - Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You by Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons

Morning Haiku
An off-season done
The magical day has come
And baseball begun

In case you missed it, there was real, live baseball yesterday, with the New York Yankees losing their spring training opener to the Philadelphia Phillies five to four.  As expected, after a long off-season of sharpening their pens and twiddling their thumbs, a day of baseball provided plenty of fresh material for (over)analysis.  (My glass house)

  • While I have made public my disdain for analysis on batting order, Wallace Matthews of the Four Letter Network noted how similar yesterday's lineup was to the standard 2010 batting order.  While Joe Girardi has claimed that nothing is set in stone, to me it appears as if he's not going to make any changes to the status quo unless forced to.
  • Two innings of one run ball were enough to get Mark Feinsand on the Bartolo Colon wagon.  He and I rarely see eye to eye, but I'd be lying if Colon didn't look sharper than I was expecting.
  • The leader of the baseball union, Michael Weiner (no, seriously), is optimistic about the discussions on the new Collective Bargaining Agreement.  While I'm hoping the CBA negotions go well, I feel like a catchy headline of "Weiner Optimisticly Plunges into Negotiation" really could have gotten things off on the right foot.
  • In his interview during yesterday's game, Joe Girardi stated that cult hero Jesus Montero will be the catcher for part of today's game.