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New York Yankees News: 2/21/2011

  • Does it strike anybody as just slightly odd that the Yankees only offered Kevin Millwood a minor league deal? Don't get me wrong, he's certainly not an ace or a rotation savior, but he's a decent innings eater, and in an offseason where the Yankees have already overpaid in multi-year deals for two middle relievers, it seems just slightly odd that they were unwilling to give MIllwood half of what they guaranteed Pedro Feliciano
  • Who do you think this story is about?  (hint: you'll probably guess wrong):

Once upon a time, the Yankees had a promising young pitching prospect who was inexplicably converted into a late inning reliever. After a couple of seasons of disappointing results, however, many within the organization, not to mention the media and fans, began to question his mental makeup and body size. Eventually, there were indications that the team was looking to trade its once prized prospect, who had become tarnished because of his lack of development.

  • River Avenue Blues takes a hypothetical look at the worst case scenario for the first half of 2011 and wonders - what would happen?
  • LoHud goes directly to the source and asks Kevin Long about Derek Jeter's new swing.