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New York Yankee News: Millwood, Mo, Sheffield and Prospects

Brian Cashman is still interested in adding Kevin MIllwood to the 4th/5th starter mix, for the right price, of course. What's there to lose?

Mariano Rivera still loves to play baseball. He also recognizes his responsibility to his teammates to be prepared to pitch; Mo is going to "do some investigating" on Joba-fatsoGate.

Dave Cameron thinks Sheffield is a bubble Hall of Famer.  I wouldn't put him that close, despite 509 HR. Like Pettitte, because of his connections to PEDs, I think Sheffield is more likely to be elected in 25 years by the veterans committee.

The Hardball Times offers you an excellent primer on a few of the league's top prospects. No Yankees in the group, but not all of baseball is about the Yankees.