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Joba Chamberlain Quick Links

- The word of the day in Tampa was "heavier." As in "Joba Chamberlain is heavier." Brian Cashman didn't want to elaborate.

- His stuff is "radically different" than in August of 2008, before his shoulder tendinitis.

- Apparently Joba isn't the only one to arrive in camp heavier.

- The Wall Street Journal wonders whether this is the fattest Yankees group ever (Colon, Sabathia, Joba, Garcia, even Hughes weighs in at 240).

- Joba says his weight gain is due to muscle building.

- Some good news to leave you with, courtesy of Cash:

We've been very pleased [with his pitching] so far. The little adjustment he's made with his hands seems to really (help). He looks better throwing bullpens now than he did last year. He sure does.