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25 Chasing 28: The New York Yankees Roster & Francisco Cervelli

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Name: Francisco Cervelli (another one with a nonexistent or unfindable middle name)

DOB: March 6, 1986

Contract Status: Made $410,800 in 2010 and remains under team control.

2010 Stats: 93 games, 317 PA, .271/.359/.335, 91 wRC+, 1.1 WAR

2010 in Review: Francisco Cervelli got nearly half of the playing time at catcher for the Yankees in 2010, spelling an older and less durable Jorge Posada.  While he was never expected to be a major contributor on offense, his reputation as a sterling defense catcher crumbled by turning in a poor defensive campaign.

The Good: This.

The Bad: Cervelli has shockingly little power (.064 ISO, 0 HR in 2010), his defense seemed to dramatically worsen, and he is more than likely on borrowed time on the Yankees roster, given the talent at catcher in the farm system.

2011 Outlook: With the acquisition of Russell Martin, Cervelli is likely to be used primarily as a backup with the 2011 Yankees.  If things break right for Jesus Montero, his services may not be required at all.  While he is here, look for more of the same:  Light hitting and flashes of good defense.