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New York Yankee News: Joba, Contracts, Winners and Arod

Joba is in camp, and he gave a very interesting "no comment" to the starter-reliever question.  Whether that's because he's smart enough to know he can make more money and have a longer career as a starter (Bruce Chen is still playing major league baseball) or because he really doesn't know which role he'd prefer, I can't guess.

He also had a solid explanation for his reported weight gain:

Chamberlain may have gained 10 to 15 pounds.

Chamberlain said that he built a gymnasium at his home and attributed the weight gain to his workouts. "I actually feel better," Chamberlain said, according to the Post. "My weight feels stronger. I feel great."

When I say 'solid,' of course, I mean, filled with greasy delicious food.  Joba!  Eating cheeseburgers in the gym doesn't mean the carbs don't count, alright?

The Yankees had been impressed enough by Luis Vizcaino's Winter Ball performance that they signed him to a minor league deal.  And because he kept pitching in Winter Ball, he tore his Achilles and won't be pitching for the Yankees.  They're working on voiding the deal, I'd imagine on the grounds that he wasn't playing on Yankee orders.

KLong talked to the four letter network, and offered some interesting spin on Arod:

"We talk about Cano as obviously one of the best players in the game. Alex had more home runs and drove in more runs in five less weeks. So if Cano's considered one of the best, what's Alex considered? I think there's still plenty of production there."

The Hardball Times takes a look at the final outings of some of the greatest winners in MLB history; the Yankees have one good (Mussina) and one terrible (Clemens).  An interesting case study, but largely (I think) a production of how baseball overvalues 'experience' and lets a guy hang on too long.