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New York Yankees News: The Attack of the Links

This post makes me very happy, as before I wrote it I saw that the main "topic" on the writers page has changed from "hot stove" to "spring training!" This may be the most links I have ever included in a post. Beware!

Jon Morosi reported yesterday that the Yankees signed Luis Ayala to a minor league deal. Ayala has been excellent in winter ball, but as a reliever.

Joel Sherman reported that the Yankees voided their minor league contract with Luis Vizcaino.

Ban Hoffmann, a 23 year old college senior in Germany, wrote this terrific piece as a guest post on the Yankee Lohud Blog.

CBSSports provides a fantasy outlook for the New York Yankees.

Erik Boland tweets that Joba has gained weight. The good news is, it is all muscle.

MLB.Com lists all 300 verified tweeters in the MLB.

Rob Neyer names Robinson Cano as his second baseman of the next decade.

The Captain's Blog looks at how famous Yankees' careers have ended.

The Yankeeist defends Brian Cashman, and also looks at the spending of teams in the 90's.

And A Player To Be Named Later examines the Tampa Bay Rays.

These two pieces are very old, but I just found them and think they are pretty funny. Respect Jeter's Gangster looks at how Brian Cashman demotes players in a two-part series.

How about Sergio Garciacolonova on twitter?!?!?

Questions of the week: What pitchers do you think will be available at the deadline that are not available now? Will Austin Romine ever play an MLB game for the Yankees?