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25 Chasing 28: The 2011 New York Yankees Roster & Russell Martin

Name: Russell Nathan Coltrane Jeanson Martin, Catcher

DOB: 2/15/83

Contract Status: 1Y/ $4M, arbitration eligible for 2012

2010 Stats: .248/.347/.332, 1.9 WAR (BR), 88 wRC+

2010 in Review: A hip fracture ended a sub-par season for Martin, whose 2009 and 2010 failed to live up to the lofty standards he set for himself in his first 3 seasons. His defense remained excellent, but he seemed a singles hitter; this is a let down compared to the 17 homers he clubbed in 2007. His batting eye is excellent. He and Joe Mauer are the most patient catchers in the league when it's their turn to bat.

The Good: The Yankees have several options beyond Martin, so if the hip injury saps his ability to drive the ball or to squat, they are not optionless.  If Martin reaches his performance from 2010, it'll be a big offensive and defensive improvement over 2010's Posada/Cervelli tandem. Martin's patient approach is perfect for the Yankees.

The Bad: The hip. Surgery. Rehab. Oh, and Martin is blocking the Yankees' most hyped prospect since Derek Jeter. Bonus points, name the player who was supposed to be the starting shortstop in 1996.

2011 Outlook: The sky is the limit for Martin, but there's truly no predicting which way he will go.  The Yankees are hoping for health. I think he'll start about 100 games at catcher, moving into a rotation with Montero in mid-June.