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Friday Night Hot Stove Thread

  • In a move that shocks nobody outside of the Rays organization, Tampa Bay locked up Matt Moore to a long term deal today, for 5 guaranteed years and $14 million, as well as through option years that could total another $25 million. For a small market team like the Rays, heck, even for a large market team like the Yankees, this is the smartest thing you can do. Moore actually has more postseason innings (10.0) than regular season innings (9.1), and is now set for life, while the Rays take on virtually zero risk - $14 million of 5 years is peanuts even for them.
  • Looks like the Marlins are probably going to do the same thing with Mike Stanton (not the former Yankees pitcher).
  • The Brewers odd partnership with Francisco Rodriguez will continue next season as he's accepted their offer of arbitration, which means that once the 2012 season is over, the Milwaukee will have probably wound paying him about $18 million for 100 innings of relief work since the 2011 trade. Let that sink in for a minute.
  • The bidding for Yu Darvish is currently open, and will close on Wednesday.
  • Question of the night -