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Thursday Night Open Thread

The Winter Meetings are coming to a close tonight, and if you want to read a review of the chaos, head over to MLB Trade Rumors for their Winter Meetings In Review post.

  • Also of note, the bidding for Yu Darvish will end on Wednesday. Teams will have four business days to submit their highest bid. The Yankees, Rangers and Jays are expected to bid on the Japanese phenom.
  • MLB Trade Rumors has an Albert Pujols signing reactions post up.
  • Scott Boras compared Prince Fielder to Jimmie Foxx. Meanwhile, on the Fielder wagon, teams are skeptical to go above five years.

Questions for the night:

1. Who is the best hitter in the American League now. Is it Jose Bautista, or the Angels' shiny new toy in Pujols?

2. As of right now, which team's rotation would you rather have for 2012: Phillies, Giants, Angels, or other?

3. Is there a specific player left on the open market that you would like the Yankees to target?