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New York Yankees News: Yankees Baseball Daily And More

You confident GM, folks!
You confident GM, folks!

I'd like to start off this news post by suggesting you watch Yankees Baseball Daily. You may not like Mark Feinsand, or another writer, but regardless, the work on the show is outstanding.

Brian Cashman was interviewed by Bob Lorenz and Jack Curry yesterday, and I got the following impressions:

-Cashman has much more control over the team than ever before. Cashman seemed extremely comfortable with his decision making process, and not once stopped to consider if the owners would support what he said.

-The Yankees aren't going to make any bad deals so quickly anymore. Cashman seemed geniunely sure about that.

-The price for starting pitchers-be it in trades or signings-is out of control. When Curry asked Cashman about it, Cashman laughed, made a serious face, and said "yes."

The Yankees entire coaching staff will return for the 2012 season. This is great news if you ask me, I"m a big fan of the staff. There doesn't seem to be a weak link on the staff.

Come back for a roundtable discussion, and more about Hiroyuki Nakajima later!