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New York Yankees News - 12/7/2011

Here's a plethora of Yankee-related links for your reading pleasure on this glorious Wednesday morning:

  • John Harper of the Daily News writes that Brian Cashman shouldn't refrain from trading Jesus Montero this offseason for a young, talented southpaw like Gio Gonzalez. I can't honestly say I agree with the idea of trading Montero.
  • Apparently the Washington Nationals inquired about stud left fielder Brett Gardner and were promptly shot down. I wonder who they would have traded to New York?
  • Joel Sherman writes that the Yankees now consider their top prospect to be young 20-year-old center fielder Mason Williams. According to the article, they believe he possesses "five tools, aptitude and love of the game, and think he could be a fast climber." Much is to be learned about him as he hasn't played higher than the New York-Penn League, but I like the optimism.
  • SportingNews believes the Brian Cashman and co. will look to do a few different things this offseason, but not make any significant splashes on the free agent market. They include: "1) Surveying the trade landscape, 2) They'll look to fill out the bench, 3) They'll try to find a left-handed reliever, and 4) They'll drive up the prices for other teams."

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