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New York Yankees News Recap: Reyes' Effect on Hanley, Kuroda, Danks and Wilson

"Adios, Mets fans."
"Adios, Mets fans."

Are the Marlins more or less willing to trade Hanley Ramirez now that they've inked SS Jose Reyes? Would the Yankees even be interested?

  • The Yanks, who've had interest in Hiroki Kuroda before, could sign the 36-year-old free-agent this offseason. The Japanese import has been consistently good in four seasons with Los Angeles: 3.45 ERA (114 ERA+), 699 IP, 1.19 WHIP, 3.2 K/BB.
  • The White Sox reportedly asked for both Jesus Montero and Manny Banuelos (the Yanks' top two prospects) for LHP John Danks. Uh-huh, sure thing Kenny Williams.
  • A report popped up yesterday that the Nationals had offered C.J. Wilson a six-year deal, but that was quickly shot down.
  • In non-hot stove news, the Yankees, way back in 1915, wanted to build a stadium on 42nd street in Manhattan. It's fascinating to consider how that would've changed, not just the history of the club, but of the city of New York.
  • The 10 most expensive pieces of Yankee memorabilia.
  • Ron Santo was elected to the Hall of Fame. Jim Kaat fell two votes short.