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Interview With New York Yankees Outfielder Colin Curtis

Colin Curtis is an outfielder on the Yankees 40-man roster. Curtis spent 2011 rehabbing from an injury, and is ready to go for the 2012 season. You can follow Colin on twitter here.

Brandon C: You missed the 2011 season with injuries, are you set for the 2012 season and feeling better? Rehab done?

Colin Curtis: Yes, missing the season was hard but thankfully I am healthy now. I am playing winter ball to get ready for 2012.

BC: Did any particular player help you grow accustom to the MLB life when you were promoted?

CC: The Yankees do a great job of preparing their players and teaching them what to expect. As for helping me I would say that the whole team is great at helping everyone get acclimated.

BC: Your first MLB hit was a pinch-hit off of Chad Qualls of the Diamondbacks, take us through the emotions of that at bat?

CC: My first hit off Chad Qualls felt like any other at-bat until after I saw the ball go over the center fielders head and then I realized that I had accomplished something that I had been dreaming of since I was a little kid.

BC: Later in the season you hit your first home-run, also a pinch-hit off of Scott Shields, after Brett Gardner was ejected. Was it difficult to go up, with a 0-2 count, and be comfortable at the plate?

CC: I think that going into an at bat 0-2 is difficult for anyone to be extremely comfortable. The only positive is that it doesn't give you a chance to over think things.

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BC: Were either of those games your favorite to be a part of in 2010, or was a different game?

CC: Those two games were great for me personally but I feel that when you are on a winning team all the games are exciting. I think that I would say there are a handful of come from behind wins that stick in my mind as my favorite games to be a part of.

BC: What are your thoughts on the new MLB happenings, such as the Astros moving to the AL West, and the league adding two wild cards?

CC: The new MLB happenings should be exciting I am interested to see how additional wild card teams effect the races at the end of the season.

Thanks again to Colin for answering the questions. Best of luck to him on his 2012 season!