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Hot Stove News: Boston Red Sox Acquire Andrew Bailey

Happy Wednesday, everyone!

-The Boston Red Sox acquired Andrew Bailey and Ryan Sweeney from the Oakland Athletics for two lower level minor leaguers, Miles Head and Raul Alcantera, and Josh Reddick. This marks a big win for the Red Sox if you ask me, as the two prospects are essentially lottery picks, and Reddick for Sweeney isn't a big deal.

-Andrew Bailey explained his thoughts about the deal here.

-SB Nation New York looks at both the top 10 New York stories and top 10 Yankees stories.

-NYT profiled John Sterling, who sounds like a sad man. As Deadspin noted, this paragraph is especially depressing.

Within 90 minutes of the final out, Sterling is usually at home in his apartment in Edgewater, N.J., where he lives alone. In public, he always seems undeniably on display, a tall man stalking through hallways with a booming voice that precedes him. Late at night, he mixes a drink, revs up the DVR and reclines in the quiet of his living room to watch the soap operas he missed earlier in the day.

-Ken Rosenthal talked to Scott Boras about Edwin Jackson, and used the quotes to examine the free agency of Jackson.

-Bryan Hoch reports that the Yankees will wait to see what happens with Hiroyuki Nakajima before talking to Eric Chavez. I do not want Chavez back on a major league deal.

-Come back tomorrow for my interview with Jim Abbott!