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Yankees/MLB Hot Stove Report: Posada, Fielder & Fenway's Centennial

The Phillies are reportedly one of the teams (along with the Rays and Orioles) showing interest in Jorge Posada. I guess he would be a back-up catcher and pinch-hitter.

  • Will the Yankees ever "splurge" on talent again? What would George Steinbrenner think of the way his sons are running the team?
  • The Yanks will wear replicas of their 1912 uniforms at Fenway Park for its 100th anniversary. Click here to see the uniforms.
  • Be sure to read a very good piece by Jeff Sullivan at Baseball Nation about Greg Maddux (represented by Scott Boras) rejecting the Yankees in favor of the Braves in 1992.
  • Prince Fielder and his agent (also Boras) would apparently accept a three-year deal for $26M/season and then, at age 30, try for a Pujols/A-Rod-type contract.
  • Seedlings To Stars named Gary Sanchez their 17th best prospect in MLB.
  • Finally, you can check out an article I wrote for YES concerning the latest wave of Japanese players trying to transition to MLB.