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29 Trades For 29 Teams: Oakland Athletics

Yankees Get: Brandon McCarthy

Oakland Athletics Get: Hector Noesi, Eduardo Nunez OR Adam Warren, Francisco Cervelli, and Melky Mesa

Figure it's about time I come up with a proposal, so I decided to take on the Oakland Athletics. The Athletics recently traded Gio Gonzalez to the Washington Nationals and Trevor Cahill to the Arizona Diamondbacks, so they are not likely to go out and trade away another pitcher.

Why the Athletics Should Trade Brandon McCarthy: OR the Athletics can trade away another pitcher, this time one that will see his contract expire at the end of the season, and field a team of prospects in 2012. Let's assume for this post that the Athletics are willing to consider this option as 1. A way to build an amazing group of prospects, so amazing that they cannot possibly lose all of them to bigger market teams, and 2. a way to cash in on Brandon McCarthy, if they cannot re-sign McCarthy to a contract extension.

McCarthy is often injured and if the Athletics wait until the Trade Deadline to deal the fan favorite, they risk losing the package they can deal him for.

Why the Yankees Should Do This Deal:

Simply put, I designed this trade so it does not hinder the Yankees farm system in many ways. Hector Noesi is not a player I'm happy to trade away, but for the Athletics to accept the deal they will likely require a starter to replace McCarthy. Adam Warren or (the preferred option to deal) Eduardo Nunez are not that bad to lose, as the Yankees have players ahead of them in the depth chart. (David Phelps, Derek Jeter)

Francisco Cervelli is no longer a needed piece for the Yankees, who have Russell Martin and Jesus Montero at the backstop, with Austin Romine close behind.

Melky Mesa is an outfielder, which is a position the Yankees do not have much depth at. Still, the Yankees don't like giving players time to develop, and Mesa seems like the type that will need more time than the Yankees are willing to give him. Zoilo Almonte appears to be nearing passing Mesa, anyway.

Brandon McCarthy may not be an exciting name, but make no mistake, McCarthy is a very good pitcher. Many Yankees fans are asking for Edwin Jackson this off-season, so let's compare the numbers.

McCarthy's 2011 WAR, ERA, hits allowed, walks per nine, strikeout to walk ratio, home run per nine, batting average against, WHIP, and FIP are all favorable over Jackson's.

As a matter of fact, McCarthy's 2011 WAR, ERA, hits allowed, walks per nine, strikeout to walk ratio, home run per nine, batting average against, WHIP, and FIP are all favorable over John Danks' 2011 season, and McCarthy's ERA, walk per nine, strikeout to walk ratio, home run per nine, WHIP, and FIP are all also favorable over Danks' best season, his 2008 campaign.

McCarthy's strikeout to walk ratio led the league, and McCarthy threw five complete games, so he could provide relief (no pun intended) for the relievers.

If McCarthy struggles or is injured, the Yankees could either let him walk at the end of the season, or re-sign him to a smaller deal. If McCarthy excels, the Yankees could re-sign him while they have exclusive negotiating rights.

Why should the Oakland Athletics make this deal, you ask? Follow me after the jump for the answer.

Oakland Athletics fans may look at this deal and say, "No Betances? No Banuelos? No way!" but the deal actually helps the Oakland Athletics organization.

Brandon McCarthy is likely gone at years end, so why not use McCarthy to fill some holes in the organization?

Hector Noesi provides a pitcher that looks to be a #3-5 starter in the MLB in the near future, and if the A's want to they can stick him in the rotation in the 2012 season and see how he fares. Noesi could provide a cheap, successful rotation piece.

The A's can choose between Eduardo Nunez, a player that can fit right into the Athletics lineup at any infield position, or Adam Warren, a near MLB ready starting pitcher. Nunez can play some outfield, so if the A's, who are known to want outfield help, want, they can move Nunez to the outfield and give him a job there.

Oakland is looking into the possibility of trading catcher Kurt Suzuki, and the catching prospects in the Athletics organization do not seem ready. If Francisco Cervelli is healthy, he can provide a serviceable starting or back up catcher, that will become a fan favorite thanks to his intensity, and can also help the young pitchers develop in the MLB. Travis detailed Cervelli's talents here.

Melky Mesa is an outfielder that the Athletics can afford to develop into the player they want him to be. Mesa is speedy and does possess some power, but is likely to be a fourth outfielder at best.