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New York Yankees News: Kuroda, Beltran and the Pinstripe Bowl

Are the Yankees feigning interest in Hiroki Kuroda just to drive up his price for the Red Sox? The latest reports say yes.

  • Among the season's biggest stories, two involved the Bombers. The first was Derek Jeter's 3000th hit, of course, that came on 3-2 pitch from David Price that Jeter drove over the left field wall; that was a truly memorable day. Then it was Mariano Rivera's 602nd save, against Minnesota, at the end of September.
  • You probably all remember the winner for Defensive Performance of the Year. I wish I didn't.
  • After losing Albert Pujols, the Cardinals filled some of the void with Carlos Beltran, who they've signed for two years ($26M).
  • The Cubs made a pair of signings yesterday: former-Ray Andy Sonnanstine and former-Rockie Manny Corpas.
  • This year's Pinstripe Bowl will feature Rutgers (8-4) and Iowa State (6-6) facing off on Dec. 30.