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MLB Hot Stove Report: Links to Stuff

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If any of this stuff sounds interesting, click the blue words to read more.

Jorge Posada to the Tampa Bay Rays?
Probably not, but it could happen. Overriding sentiment seems to be that Posada should retire and go out as a ____. Why? His place as a great player and a great Yankee is much too established for a season or two of pinch hitting and DHing elsewhere to even blip the radar. Being a professional athlete is awesome, even if you can only manage a .315 on base percentage. There isn't a spot for him on the Yankees, but there might be a spot on some other teams, and if he wants to get everything that he can out of his body and ability, more power to him.

Know Your Enemy: Top 15 Red Sox Prospects
I've already started making my strawmen on how each and every one of them is an overrated product of the hype machine. Personally, I think Xander Bogaerts is an elaborate hoax, as no real person would name a baby that.

Matt Kory of OTM on the Sox Chasing Andruw Jones
Also, a run down of some other players who have played for both the Yankees and Red Sox.

The Oakland A's Appear to be on the Move to San Jose
'Bout time. It sucks for the city of Oakland to lose their team, but it was never going to work out any other way.

Logan Morrison, Internet Troll
This one kind of explains itself.